How to select perfect lawyer ?

  1. Before selecting lawyer you should know what type of lawyer you are searching e.g divorce lawyer, company lawyer, criminal lawyer, civil lawyer, High Court lawyer.
  2. You should first do your home work and collect some advance knowledge of the legal area where you need legal service.
  3. You should always prefer to pay consultancy fees to lawyer or attorney to gain proper legal knowledge which you desire.
  4. You should pay consult atleast three lawyers before deciding who is the best
  5. When you visit the office of the lawyer you should see whether his office is loaded with files or not
  6. You should check the number of computers, cabin, library of books, and lawyers working there.
  7. Physical evidence in the lawyers office will show that he is proper lawyer
  8. You should always see Google review of that particular lawyer of law firm on internet
  9. Good lawyers always have good reviews on the internet
  10. Always find lawyers within 10 kilometer radius from where you stay
  11. Check whether Lawyer is interested in hearing your matter.

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